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The back of a woman's head. Her hair is tied back and she has a clip that says "Fund Abortion"

Funding Transparency

Three staffers at Tides gather and smile. Pictured is Kelli, Felya, and Kimika. Behind them are people working on puzzles as fund raiser for increasing abortion access.
White Sheet


We currently receive funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Reproductive Access Grant, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and the Boston Foundation to further the following goals:

  • Operational Sustainability: We believe in paying people for their labor at Tides, which is why we launched as a program with paid staff in August of 2022

  • Wealth Redistribution: We are honored to be trusted as stewards of funds that go directly back into our communities by funding abortions, providing practical support, and developing a program that elevates the leadership of those who have had abortions, BIPOC people, and LGBTQI+ community members

  • Community Needs Assessment: We are dedicated to asking our communities directly about your experiences accessing abortion care, and are developing a survey that will be available in community spaces across Massachusetts in Fall 2023


These grants each have a narrow scope and clear objective with predesignated measures of success. We understand that these goals, while vital for our mission and incredibly helpful, do not always align with the needs outlined by those seeking access to reproductive healthcare. That’s why no-strings-attached donations from those seeking to support abortion access are helpful. They allow us to directly address the needs of our community as we define it. 



In August of 2023, we launched a warm line where we will soft launch Tides with a goal of building a community of donors. The application of this money is far more flexible and can be more nimbly applied to the expressed needs of those seeking access. 


Community-Driven Support

Tides is rooted in respect for the wisdom of those we serve, who we consider the top experts in their own needs. With the help of  community partners across the state of Massachusetts, we are launching an abortion barriers assessment where we hope to hear directly from those who have either sought an abortion or are considering seeking one. 


This anonymous survey is still under development, but will be made available on this site in Fall of 2023, along with a listing of the community spaces where you can reach this survey. Lending these insights is valuable, so all participation will be paid in the form of $15 gift cards to regional grocery stores.

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