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The back of a woman's head. Her hair is tied back and she has a clip that says "Fund Abortion"

What is an Abortion Fund?

White Sheet
Abortion funds are uniquely powerful organizations that fight for cultural and political change. An abortion fund provides a variety of support options to someone seeking an abortion. Funds work in collaboration with other abortion funds, clinics, families, and supporters to coordinate care for people seeking an abortion. 

At Tides, we provide financial support towards a person’s abortion cost and the transportation needed to get to their appointment. While abortion has historically been inaccessible to many groups including BIPOC communities, low-income people, and those living in rural areas, the continued restrictions imposed on abortion across the country has broadened those gaps and amplified the need to travel for abortion care. Tides is positioned to provide financial support for abortions performed in Massachusetts, not limited to Massachusetts residents.

Abortion funds are here for everyone. At Tides, we recognize the systematic and cultural barriers to abortion for men, non binary, gender expansive people, and those within the LGBTQ+ community. Men have abortions, people who don’t identify as a woman have abortions. People have abortions, period!

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Fast Facts

Abortion funds are a means of direct support, providing money to clinics to directly pay for the cost of abortions. 
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