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The back of a woman's head. Her hair is tied back and she has a clip that says "Fund Abortion"

Funding Abortions

in MA


What We Do

Tides for Reproductive Freedom is a 501c3 organization who can help pay for the cost of your abortion plus transportation to and from your appointment!

Email or call 413-419-1585

Tides for Reproductive Freedom es una organización 501c3 que puede ayudarle a pagar el costo de su aborto y el transporte de ida y vuelta a su cita!

Email o teléfono 413-419-1585

Tides for Repductive Freedom 是一个 501c3 织,它可以帮助支付堕胎费用以及往返预约地点的交通费用!

发送电子邮件到 或者 打个电话 413-419-1585


Tides for Reproductive Freedom (Marés pela Liberdade Reprodutiva) é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que pode ajudar a pagar as despesas com seu aborto, além do transporte de ida e volta até a consulta.

E-mail ou telefonema 413-419-1585

Vag pou Libète Repwodiksyon se yon 501c3 ki kapab ede w peye depans ou pou avòtman plis transpò nan randevou w la!

Imèl oswa rele 413-419-1585


Tides for Reproductive Freedom est une organisation 501c3 qui peut vous aider à payer le coût de votre avortement ainsi que le transport vers et depuis votre rendez-vous !

Envoyer un e-mail ou téléphoner 413-419-1585

Tides for Reproductive Freedom là một tổ chức 501c3 có thể giúp thanh toán chi phí phá thai của quý vị cùng với chi phí di chuyển đến và rời khỏi cuộc hẹn của quý vị!

Gửi email hoặcgọi điện thoại 413-419-1585

Our Mission

Tides for Reproductive Freedom is dedicated to providing financial and practical support for people across race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, ethnicity, ability and history seeking access to abortion services. 


Our goal is to fill the funding and practical support gaps across the state by working directly with frontline communities. As members of these communities, we find ourselves equipt to do the necessary work of centering and working with people from our communities, and building collective power by investing in their leadership. 

White Sheet

Get Funds

Tides prioritizes funding for abortions performed in Massachusetts. 


Tides takes a whole person approach to abortion funding. We support clients living in and traveling to/from Massachusetts to cover the full cost of their procedures and travel to/from the clinic. 


Here are the steps to getting support from Tides:

A group of people gather, smiling. There's about a half dozen of them, facing forward, and standing in a line. The majority appear to be women

Build Community Power with Tides

When you donate to Tides, you expand access to compassionate abortion funding and transportation across Massachusetts.


Tide’s supported 93 people in 2023, with our community!

Donations of any size will support our collective dreams of access!

Join Tidal Waves

Tides' monthly giving collective, Tidal Waves, creates sustainable support for abortion access, no matter what happens.

Donating $3 can change someone's day, and lifetime.


Fund-a-thon is LIVE!

News from Tides (1).png

Borders shouldn’t be barriers to abortion care! We want to redistribute Massachusetts wealth! 

People who are accessing abortion funding now need more financial support than ever. Now is the time to build a future greater than Roe vs. Wade, as the stakes for care and resources have never been higher.  Here in Massachusetts, we are maintaining our state as a place of access for those locally, and those traveling for the care they deserve. 


Support abortion access and donate to Tide’s Fund-a-thon by May 31st & your donation will be MATCHED!

why we are fundraising (3).png

Join Our Board!

Are you passionate about abortion access? Do you want to redistribute wealth outside of Massachusetts so folx can get the care they want and need?

Tides is seeking 2-4 new board members! Please apply by March 29th here!

The Board seeks members with experience in legal compliance and communications. 

Being a board member is a 5-10 hour a month commitment with monthly virtual hour and a half board meetings. Tides covers the cost of travel, board, meals, and family care to allow folx access for this time!

What is an Abortion Fund?

An abortion fund provides a variety of support options to someone seeking an abortion. Funds work in collaboration with other abortion funds, clinics, families, and supporters to coordinate care for people seeking an abortion. At Tides, we provide financial support for abortion care and transportation needed to get to and from appointments. 

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