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"Crisis Pregnancy Centers"?

More like: Anti-Abortion Centers


Tides' Statement on AACs

On June 10th, 2024 Tides for Reproductive Freedom's

Co-Executive Directors kimika ross and feyla mcnamara attended a press conference with the state of Massachusetts to announce the first in the country campaign: to counter the misinformation and dangerous medication spread by Anti-Abortion Centers, sometimes called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" (CPCs).

Tides recently completed  our  Community Access Scan, where respondents ranked CPCs as the 3rd most trusted source of information regarding abortions. And that the lack of information about what an abortion is served as a barrier to approximately 40% of respondents accessing care. The intentional misinformation and confusion caused by CPCs harms all of our communities.

While in the field community members aligned with the need for safe and affordable access to abortion, repeatedly directed  us to their local CPCs (typically set up in low income communities and communities of color), citing them as allies in the work we do.  CPCs are predators in our communities, spreading confusion and building trust where others have failed. This is a big step to invest in our people and demonstrate real care about how we are impacted by these harmful and irresponsible organizations.

When you call or text Tides our role is to provide financial and logistical support if you have decided to have an abortion. Regardless if you change your mind we are here for you and you are loved. Call or text us at 413-419-1585 for judgement free care.

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